Imagine getting a beautiful designed custom to you plan, that is easy for you to implement!

Doesn’t that sound lovely?

  • You love coming home to a space that looks and feels the way you have always wanted.

  • You aren’t wasting another second trying to achieve a space that always seems out of reach.

  • You love entertaining and showing off your home!

How Does It Work

Online Interior Design Steps

 About Online Interior Design

My design process works just as it would if you were to hire a local interior designer. I collect all the necessary information needed to create a design plan that you can then implement on your own. I have several design packages available depending on your needs. My questionnaire, photos and measurements supplied by you replace the typical visit from a local interior designer. This process saves you valuable time and money, since you are not paying me hourly and setting up several meetings.

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You know how you want your home to look and feel but you need a plan on how to get there.

You live a busy life and are worried about the high design fees, judgey attitude and high end budget needed to design your space.  

I’m Melissa And That's where I come in!

I love helping people realize the potential they have in their homes and the pleasure they get from even a simple transformation.  Sometimes all you need is a plan or a starting point to make huge impact on how your home looks and feels.

I am a passionate designer with over ten years of interior design experience. I started my design career in a well established design firm where I honed my colour selection skills. I then moved on to specializing in kitchen and bathroom design, where I was employed by many high end cabinet companies designing anything from a small powder room to large condo developments. When I'm not busy designing, sketching or finding thrift store pieces to revamp, I am carting my kids off to their sporting events. I truly believe that how your home looks and feels plays an important part in living your best life.