Brennan’s Bedroom, Dining Room, Living Room And Front Hall Finishing Touches Package

Front Hall

This new space will set the tone for your condo, an eclectic mix of items add interest but everything is fully functional. I created a floor plan for this room since it is tight on space I wanted to make sure everything would fit. For the rug I would purchase another the same size for the kitchen, that way they relate but the two separate rugs define the different spaces. I wasn’t able to get a large scale bench but I found this adorable small stool that gives you the look of having one and you can add a bit of color and personality with the pillow. Here is the link to your private Pinterest Page with all of your source links:

Design Instructions:

  • Hang the top two coat hooks at 60 inches high, mark the center of that small wall by the closet and measure out 6 inches on each side for the top two hook placement. Then place the bottom hook 12 inches down from the top hook centered on the wall with the remaining two hooks 6 inches off to the sides.

  • Lean the art on the console table purchasing an 8 x 10 Matte Black frame

  • Hang the small mirror 8 inches above the console off to the side then place the larger round mirror offset above the other side of the console.

  • Order an 18 x 18 inch pillow and use a down filled pillow insert. Make sure to order a color sample before you commit to ordering custom pillows.

  • Place accessories as shown on the board.

Eclectic Front Hall Design
Brennan Front Hall Plan-page-001.jpg

Dining Room

This space has the same feel as the front hall with a bit more edge to it. It has all of the colors found throughout the main living areas but on a more subtle feel but still dramatic. I found this small scale black table that will fit perfectly between your bar stools and living room. I loved the idea of placing books on it and I added this collection of vases. The modern light fixture works great since it isn’t your typical chandelier that would go above a dining table. Here is the link to your private Pinterest Page with all of your source links: I have added options for some of the items.

Design Instructions:

  • Place the large scale mirror on the 38 3/4 inch wall, hang it at 60 inches to the center of the mirror. This will reflect the light from all of your large beautiful windows.

  • Hang the art on the 66 inch wide wall 60 inches to the center. For this piece you could either order it framed or a canvas if you go framed order 30 x 40 matte black frame. If you go with the canvas order 30 x 40 and make sure to select charcoal color option.

  • Place the planters on the 66 inch wall out of the way of the stools and place large scale plants in them.

  • Hang the light higher than you typically would over a dining table since it is larger scale than the table you should be able to pass under it.

Eclectic Dining Room Design

Living Room

When I was sourcing for this room I ended up finding these bold pieces of art which was too much with the pillows we both loved, so I have come up with two options for this space. The art is bold in both options but they have very different feelings to them. Art is such a personal preference let me know which you prefer. I wasn’t sure if you needed a coffee table but I have added this amazing wood plank option that I think pairs so well with the graphic black side tables I found. Here is the link to your private Pinterest Page

Design Instruction:

  • For the art in Option A , again order either canvas or matte black framed as large as you care to go, I know it ends up costing quite a bit. For Option B I would order a large scale canvas print in ink.

  • Hang the wall sconces so the light is 66 inch above the floor. These will add lot’s of drama to your space and frame whichever art piece you decide to go with.

  • For the pillow sizes order them in 20 x 20 and the lumbar in 12 x 20. For the inserts make sure to purchase down inserts I have added some options to your Pinterest Page but you can also pick them up at Ikea as well. Order samples before purchasing so that you know you LOVE the colors before you commit to ordering custom pillows.

Brennan's Living Room Option c_edited-2.png
Eclectic Living Room Design Option A
Eclectic Living Room Design Option B

Master Bedroom

This space has a more serene feel then the rest of the areas. I tried to combine the moody and airy feel from the inspiration photos I sent you. You had mentioned you wanted a relaxed feel in the space without standard matching nightstands. I love how these two pair well with each other and give you the feeling like your space was collected over time. Here is the link to your private Pinterest Page

Design Instructions:

  • Make sure to order some of the pieces like the rug and art before commiting to the wall color. I always recommend testing the color in a few places and seeing how the color looks throughout the changing light.

  • For the area rug I would order either the 5’ x 7’6” or the 7’-6” x 9’6”. With the smaller rug you would place it at the foot of the bed with a small portion of it under the front feet.

  • I love Juniper Studios for affordable but dramatic art since you can either order the digital download and have it printed near you or order the large scale prints directly from them. For the print above your bed I would go large scale 31” x 47” Ikea frame option and for the two botanical prints for on the long wall I would order 24 “x 36”. Here is a tutorial on how to do the large scale Ikea Print option

  • For the pillows order the back pillows 20 x 20, the green option 18 x 18 and the lumbar 14 x 20. Make sure to order samples to make sure you love the colors before ordering custom pillows that can’t be returned.

Brennan's Master Bedroom Series Of Art _edited-1.png
Brennan's Master Bedroom Gallery Wall_edited-1.png
Eclectic Master Bedroom Design
Brennan's Living Room Inspiration .png

Master Bedroom Inspiration

Light And Airy Master Bedroom Inspiration
Moody Master Bedroom Inspiration

Front Hall Inspiration

Eclectic Front Hall Inspiration

Dining Room Inspiration

Eclectic Dining Room Inspiration

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