Pretty and Pink Bedroom Design

I have been working on my daughters room for a while now.  I really want to finish it off and have one room in my house that is completely done!  So here is where we started, and let me tell you in advance that this is the previous owners furniture, colours, and design.

To put it mildly, the colours, furniture and layout were hideous!  I knew first thing first I had to get rid of those awful paint colours.   It was painful to spend anytime in there. So I started with finding fabrics as a jumping off point for the room design.
And from these I pulled a nice soft pretty pink.

Benjamin Moore Playful Pink.

We painted, and I made some pillows.

I found a thrift store stool  and painted it white and pink.

Hung some curtains.

Did a Diy on these boxes.

Hacked some Ikea shelves.

Found some fabulous thrift store finds.

Framed some of my favourite baby items as art.

Turned a Barbie calendar into some artwork.

I covered that headboard in fabric and hacked these Ikea sconces.
 So all in all it seems like I have done a lot but,  its not completely put together.  The problem with doing work on your own house is you don't treat it like a clients.  I should be creating a plan and sticking to a timeline.  So that is clearly what I need to do to get this job done.

Pinterest Projects To Try

Here are some easy diy projects to try, that I have pinned lately.
Take any collection of jars and paint the same colour and add ribbon, tassels, and some gold spray paint.  I love these and you could do this project for next to nothing.

This look never seems to get old, I have done this a few times.  I always keep a lookout for stools at  thrift stores and flea markets. 
This defiantly upgrades an ikea dresser.

I absolutely LOVE this, and I am going to do this for my kids play room.  Instead of animals I might glue toy cars, action figures, dolls, and instead of gold spray paint maybe a bright fun colour.

And this one is soooo simple but looks amazing, just spray paint some rocks for bookends.  To link over to the projects, head over to my pinterest board.

Powder Room Design Plan

So here is the plan for how I am going to take my dingy powder room to the next level.  I posted earlier this week about painting the trim and panelling white. 
 This is what I have in mind for updating it further.

I like this grey and white shower curtain from west elm, but I may make one myself so that it covers the tub completely and I can hang it higher on the wall.   Although I lightened up the trim and panelling I want to add a deep dark grey on the wall and the ceiling, its a tiny bathroom and it could use some drama.  So with the painted floor, some great art, gold accents and new lighting, I think I can turn this room into something I want my guests to use.

The Power of Paint

I had a very ugly, dingy Power Room that I was not excited to have my guest use over the holidays.  When we bought our home, I thought for sure I would tackle this room right away, But seven months later it still looked like this.

So to just clean it up a bit  and make it less dingy, I painted the panelling and the trim BM Cloud White.  I also picked up some cute baskets for the open shelves.
Although it isn't great now, it is defiantly better.  It just goes to show how much difference a little paint can make.  I have a lot  more work to do in here.  I will share some of my plans for this space later this week.

Cute Wicker Basket Makeover

I found this basket at a thrift store, and I couldn't resist picking it up. 
And for Five Bucks, I knew I wouldn't have any buyers remorse. I removed the yellow ribbon  from the bottom, and I was pleasantly surprised that the base was in great shape.  I knew I wanted it a bright fun colour  and I found this coral  paint I already had.

I think it turned out really well.  I am going to sell it in the Pop Up Shop I am doing this Saturday, and hopefully someone thinks that it is as cute as I do!

Pop Up Shop

 I am going to try a new approach to selling my furniture and accessories.  I have signed up to do a Pop Up Shop in Guelph, where I live.  A really interesting company, Necessary Arts is putting it all together.  They are a craft and design studio, where you can take classes, or rent space.  

Holiday Handmade Sale November 30 at
97 Wyndham St.

I will continue posting about some of the products I will be selling.  I am hoping this will be a better experience than the last time, and if nothing else, the hours are better!

Painted Chairs

I found two chairs at my local thrift store for fifteen dollars each.  I made them for the market, that I posted about earlier, but I have decided to keep them for myself. We often have a crowd for dinner and we never have enough chairs, so these will come in handy. 
I forgot to take a before picture, when I was frantically trying to get stuff done for the market, but trust me they were in rough shape.  They were a honey coloured  stain with veneer missing in several spots.  So after lots of patching, priming and painting they look like this.