How To Style Kitchen Countertops

This is a question I get all of the time! The kitchen can be overlooked when decorating your home, but it really makes the difference in creating a warm and inviting mood. You want to add a few pieces but don’t overload the counters so they look and feel cluttered. Here are some quick style options to get your kitchen looking as good as the rest of your house.

Kitchen Counter Styling Part 1.png

Tray, Salt, Canister, Planter, Utensil, Cutting Board, Art, Branches, Soap, Vase

Think about adding small vignettes in several areas of your kitchen. If you have space beside your stove add a round tray to fill with oils, everyday spices and salt, and maybe even an herb plant. This keeps everything looking organized and its extremely functional since you will have everything within reach when you are cooking. Place all of your everyday utensils in a beautiful container. Layer cutting boards leaning against a counter add in bold canisters. Make sure to add lux hand soap with a graphic label, art, and a large urn with real or faux branches. You may not have room for all of these pieces but even adding a couple will make a huge statement in your space.