One Room Challenge: Week Two

Progress is rolling right along, if you are just joining in for the first time you can check out last weeks post here.  

To refresh your memories, here is  the hideous before.

  I have ordered Martha Stewart's  button knobs, and canopy cup pulls from  the Home Depot.  For what I needed it came out to be about $120,  which is pretty great.  Obviously that's Canadian, because I am sure it would have been half that in the states.  



I have begun painting out the ugly green ctops on the sink wall.  They will need probably three more coats.  I know its not going to last forever, but it is a way to clean them up without the cost of removing the counters and tile at this point.  


I am fairly positive this is the ctop for the soon to be island, and the paint colour.  It is a laminate counter from Formatop, called FX Strata Olympico Gloss.  I think once it is installed, you would be surprised that it is a laminate and not a solid surface countertop.  I am just waiting on the quote back on cost, I will let you know what it works out to.

The cabinet paint colour,  which is Benjamin Moore 2121-10 Gray.  I feel like its the perfect fit.  I wanted it dark but not black so more of a  grey/ charcoal but that has major impact.  I think this will do the trick.

I am also debating doing a graphic black and white painted pattern on the floor,  instead of just white painted floors.  This will entirely depend on if I have time in the end.  I hope to have lots more to show you next week, and in the meantime check out the other 150 bloggers/ designers joining in on the  linking event.