One Room Challenge: Week Three

This weeks progress is going slower than I had expected.   I thought I would be able to devote a couple of days to painting my cabinets, but I was busy with design work. I am not going to complain about that,  I will just push extra hard next week to get it done.  

I did start priming, and some cabinets have a first coat.  It is looking a bit rough at this stage, but I thought I would share some pics anyway. 

 I scored these amazing bar stools at a thrift store this week, for $80.  I have been searching for bar stools and I hadn't found any that I loved.  When I saw these, I immediately started dragging them to the counter before someone else wanted them.  I am debating leaving them as they are, a bit scuffed up, but the upholstery is in good shape, or spraying the base and reupholstering.  I would love your thoughts on this.  

The island counter is ordered, and came in at just over $300.   That is a contractors cost but it wouldn't be too much more  for retail.  It is hopefully going to arrive next week, and the hardware arrived yesterday.  My goal is to have all cabinets painted and hardware on for next week.  Wish me luck!  Make sure to check out all the other amazing One Room Challenge Linking participants.