One Room Challenge: Week Four

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I am coming along with the painting of the cabinets, I will make sure they are completed by the end of the weekend. It is looking so much better!   Goodbye ugly stained cabinets!!

As for the floors, I have decided to alternate rows of black and white, something like this picture here.  

   .Photo source  here.    


.Photo source here.


I have come up with a plan for the far wall, which the island used to run on. I am going to move the one shelf adjacent to the other and mount a pot hanging rail system underneath.  I drew it up on AutoCAD to see if it works. I think it's the perfect scale and look that I was after.  I originally thought about a narrow shelving unit but I think this will free up cabinet space and leave that area open.  

I am going to use the IKEA Fintorp system, I have used it before and it's inexpensive and works well. 

I am still waiting on the island top, I am sure it will be here soon.  I have tons left to finish, everything always takes so much longer then you plan.  Make sure to check out the other bloggers progress this week