Painted Vases

I have been experimenting with different techniques on painting thrift store vases.  I have found the best option is to dilute the paint with a product  from Flood called floetrol.   It is used to extend your paint coverage, make it dry slower and cut down on brush stroke marks.   For this application it gives a perfectly  smooth finish, you can pick it up at any paint or hardware store.

Here are some of my latest experiments.
For the vases above I first painted them in a coat of grey and once that was dry I coated them in the pink.  As you can see the pink came through anywhere the grey didn't cover, which I think adds a nice effect.

The vases above are the same colour, must be the lighting:) for this pair I painted them grey and added gold leaf to the bottom rim.

For the last two I added several coats of varying shades of grey, and in person they look like glazed pottery.