Kitchen Update 

Here are some revised recommendation for your updated kitchen project. My recommendation would be to go with a knob since it will be easiest for your contractor to install. From his description I feel like the hinges will probably come out to a finish closer to knob option C . Since you had selected the darker bronze finishes for your lighting and your faucet I think adding that tone to your cabinets will work even if the hinges lean more to the brass finish, also keep in mind you don’t see much of the hinge. Another option would be to go with option d which is an antique brass, the only issue is they are expensive and may not be where you would like to invest money in a rental property. Your trim in your kitchen I think will be beautiful painted in the same color as your cabinets, this will also brighten your space.

Anu Kitchen Option A Revised _edited-1.png

A) Knob, B)Knob With Backplate, C)Antique Brass Knob, D)Natural Brass

Option A

My thought behind this option is to bring in warm whites that work with the colors you already have in your home but that also work well with your new beautiful granite counters, and existing flooring. I selected Benjamin Moore Ivory white for its warm undertones but it will still read white and look nice against your counters. For the walls I selected Benjamin Moore Natural Wicker which is a soft creamy white but has enough color to it that you will see a difference between that cabinets and the walls and it will transition to your other rooms seamlessly. For the hinges I went with a bronze finish that will pop against your light cabinets and add some interest to your space. If you want to keep it simple you could just have knobs the benefit of that is they are easy to change out at any time without the worry of getting the same pull measurement. I selected cost effective hardware since this for a rental they are still good quality but won’t be too much of an investment.

Anu Kitchen Option A  _edited-2.png

Cabinet Color, Wall Color, Pull, Knob, Hinge

Option B

This option I focused my color choice on the granite and went with more cooler whites that will compliment the stone but are not too cool that they won’t work with the warmer yellows in the adjoining spaces. Keeping with the cooler tones in this option we mix the metals with the new lighting that you are adding and go to a brushed nickel for the hardware and hinges. Mixing metals create interest to a space and keeps it from looking flat. Again I went with cost effective hardware but let me know if you wanted to invest more and I can show you some more options.

Anu Kitchen Option B  _edited-1.png

Cabinet Color, Wall Color, Pull, Knob, Hinge

Please keep in mind that paint colors can often look different in our spaces than they do here on our screens, so please make sure you buy a sample swatch.  This way you can view it in your lighting to make sure you love it before you commit to the color. I know you are not currently there to test the colors but I highly recommend you have your painter or contractor test the colors for you and send you a picture, which you can send to me and I can weigh in as well!